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Charles Olson reads the Maximus Poems

I recently came across a recording of Charles Olson reading his Maximus Poems on vinyl. After a bit of research, I figured out that I can use an open-source program called Audacity to record the album to mp3. I’ve uploaded the first poem, The Goldmachine.

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Adopting the Fine Art Adoption network

I’ve officially joined the Fine Art adoption network, which I think is a brilliant idea. I’ve added a painting called The Mount (though it might be hard to part with) and I’m planning to include the stipulation that the adopter agree to return the work for the duration of a show should I opt to include it. The work was recently completed and I photographed it just last week. I’m also considering adopting a couple of works for myself. A Chicago artists’ work that I’m enjoying is Matt Davis who makes small one-color boxes with photos mounted on them.


Photo Documentation

My new setup for documenting artwork:

– My trusty Fuji Finepix s5200 (in RAW mode)
– Smith Victor a80 Studio Floods
– 500 Watt EBW Lamps
– Reflector Umbrellas (32 inch)
Adobe bridge for white balancing and post process
WhiBal white balancing card


This setup is producing great shots and I’m hoping to do a round of re-shooting last year’s work this month. I shot some tests this afternoon and the results were terrific.


The Fine Art Adoption Network (FAAN)

This is a really fun idea. Essentially it connects collectors with Artists by allowing them to browse a collection of works that are available for adoption, free of cost.


Happy New Year and How to Draw a Bunny

It was a quiet New Year celebration this year with our friends Joe and Kurt (owner of the Kolok Gallery).

I spent a bit of time in the studio working on Miss October (1973), which I’m trying have the first installment of completed by the 15th of January. Also watched an interesting documentary on Ray Johnson called How to Draw a Bunny. Johnson was the father of the correspondence art movement in NYC in the 50s and 60s. He committed suicide (drowning) in 1995. I first heard of him when I was researching the Black Mountain College which he attended in the late 40s.

How to Draw a Bunny


Drawings in Berlin

I was excited to have two drawings in the anonyme zeichner show at Blutenweiss in Berlin in December of 2006. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the show, but I’m hoping to visit Berlin in the next year or two. There seems to be an incredible energy in Berlin right now. A friend who lives there says that new and interesting shops, galleries and cafes open and close in rapid succession.