Matters on Paper at Sandra Phillips Gallery in Denver

I’m excited to have 18 recent drawings included in “Matters on Paper” at Sandra Phillips Gallery in Denver from June 9 – August 1. The exhibition will include work on paper by Denis Roussel, Margaret Kasahara, Joshua Field, and Anna Kaye. Please join us for the opening reception on June 9 from 6-8pm.


Cloundlands at Albany International Airport


January 28-July 31, 2017

One of the great appeals in gazing at the sky is following the passage of vaporous forms as they roil into solid towers and then dissolve into mist. Cloudlands describes, not so much this atmospheric condition, but rather a geography whose features are elusive and ethereal. In this exhibition, seven artists present structures that are not quite habitable, small worlds made up of architectural, natural and mechanical fragments, and images suggestive of things we might recognize, but ultimately evade our grasp. While the sky’s ever-shifting, nebulous phenomena echo the impermanence and changeability of the physical world, our own human nature compels us to search for moments of familiarity and reason before they – like clouds – are scattered in the wind.

Artists: Julie Evans, Joshua Field, Dana Filibert, Edward Mayer, Susan Meyer, Gina Ruggeri, Naoe Suzuki

Public Reception: Friday, February 17, 5:30-7:30 pm


2014 Friends Contemporary Art Auction

Happy to have been invited back this year to have my work included in this event. The auction will include work from Roni Horn, Jacqueline Humphries, Kiki Smith, Eric Fischl, and Ryan McGinness. There will be a preview event at at Phillips De Pury & Company Auction House on Park Ave.


The Revolver in the Hive

Just received a copy of Nicolas Hundley’s fantastic new book of poetry “The Revolver in the Hive” through Fordham University Press. The poet selected a drawing from my MadameX series for the cover.  Now available on amazon…


Selected by Daria de Beauvais, curator Palais de Tokyo for 100 Curators, 100 Days on Saatchi


100 Curators, 100 Days on Saatchi

It is not every day that I get to exchange emails with the Director of Saatchi Gallery in London (Rebecca Wilson) but that is just what happened this week. She was letting me know that my work was selected by one of the internationally renowned curators participating in Saatchi’s 100 Curators, 100 Days initiative that launched today. “Each day at 8am (pst), we will reveal a new collection of 10 works, selected by top curators from the most prestigious museums and galleries.”

I don’t know which curator selected my work or which work was selected but stay tuned! In the meantime, here is my profile page on the Saatchi website:

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New work for Covet with Ferrin Gallery

Ferrin Gallery’s exhibition Covet, will feature contemporary artists creating new works in response to museum collections. The group exhibition of works in all media, will be presented at the gallery in Pittsfield, MA opening May 26 and running through September 2.

My work for this exhibition responds to Ernst Meissonier’s painting 1807, Friedland.  Meissonier was considered to be the most prominent painter in Paris during his lifetime and yet was largely forgotten by art history. His painting of Napoleon’s greatest victory was certainly the magnum opus of his forays into the history painting genre. This painting, his largest and perhaps most ambitious, resides at the Met in NYC. I was particularly interested in the visual enshrinement of Napoleon and his segregation from the cavalry in the foreground.

Joshua Field, The Clothed Emperor, 2012. 61″x25″

Ernst Meissonier, 1807, Friedland, Meissonier.


Covering the NYC Art Fairs for New American Paintings

I was excited to be selected by New American Paintings to provide photo coverage of the NYC art fairs this year. Though it was a whirlwind as always, the fairs were excellent on the whole. The shows felt a bit more introspective than in previous years, perhaps due to recent economic woes. In some ways, this was a nice break from the “look at me” aesthetic that seemed to dominate previous fairs. Glitz and bling were replaced by lots of framed work on paper, paintings on canvas and plenty of work that had more depth than the pervasive one-liners I’d seen at some of the fairs. Don’t get me wrong, Scope was still awfully slick with lots of reflective surfaces and plenty of images of guns and money, but the zeitgeist of the fair scene seemed more thoughtful and considered when taken altogether. Perhaps the anticipation of big bucks has given way to a more grounded sensibility rooted in the search for meaning beyond the almighty dollar. One can only hope.

Day 1 – Armory and Scope:

Day 2 – Volta, Independent and Fountain


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